Press reviews

Recent press reviews of the Darmstädter Residenzfestspiele:


“Most impressive, however, is the 85-year-old Bill Ramsey, himself a classic whose voice doesn’t show his age. When he scats, the newcomers can take a lot from him.”

Susanne Döring, Darmstädter Echo (about the opening concert with Bill Ramsey), 24.07.2016


“The audience at the nearly sold-out opening concert is enraptured by the unconventional trio, which so light-footedly combines skill and elegance. The atmosphere in the atmospherically lit courtyard does the rest.”

Gerd Döring, Darmstädter Echo (about the “David Orlowsky Trio”), 26.07.2016


“Shimmering violins, dreamy flutes and delicate wind instruments give the scenery a magical touch, as does the singing of Eunyoung Park (soprano) and Irmhild Wicking (mezzo-soprano). Seeliger had placed both of them offstage at the entrance to the exhibition hall. As if from a distance, the beautiful sound of their voices spread across the stage.”

Susanne Döring, Darmstädter Echo (about Mendelssohn’s “Summer Night Room”), 01.08.2016


„From Wagner to Queen and from Beethoven and Strauss to Klaus Doldinger and David Bowie, a sonorous musical arc spanned, impressively underlined by the colourful illumination of the artists’ colony with the Wedding Tower.“

Wochen Kurier (via the New Philharmonic Orchestra Frankfurt), 06.08.2015


„With the steam train to Cuba: The singer Addys Mercedes seduces her audience with Latin American dance rhythms.“

Christiana Weber, Darmstädter Echo, 04.08.2015


„Amadeus rocks and waltzes“

Darmstädter Echo (about the program of the Residenzfestspiele 2015), 17.06.2015


„Pure nostalgia“

Christina Weber (about the Roy Frank Orchester), Darmstädter Echo, 04.08.2014


„New music doesn’t need a spectacular show.“

Thomas Schäfer (about the International Summer Courses for New Music), Darmstädter Echo, 19.08.2014


„Always loose in the hip: […] flowing rhythms that run through the body.“

Matthias Voigt (about „Soneros de Verdad“), Darmstädter Echo, 12.08.2013


„Cutting capers on the staircase: At an atmospheric venue, the Konzertchor Darmstadt delivers a splendid festival finale.“

Dorothea Buchmann-Ehrle (about „Carmina Burana“ and „Orbe Rotundo“), Darmstädter Echo, 13.08.2013


„With spirit in the drizzle: standing ovations for Axel Zwingenberger and Lila Ammons at the opening.“

Heiko Weigelt, Darmstädter Echo, 30.07.2012


„The soundtrack for the next vacation trip.“

Thomas Wolff (about the Café del Mundo), Darmstädter Echo, 11.08.2012


„Great emotions in the open air at the Italian Opera Night.“

Thomas Wolff, Darmstädter Echo, 07.08.2012


„Icing on the cake for the finale.“

SüWo (about Robert Kreis), 08.08.2012